"This past week my husband and I attended Cranberry Fest in Warrens, WI and sampled your products. I was very impressed with the cranberry oil hand lotion and would like to try the night cream and some of your other products. Good luck to you and continue to find new outlets!"

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"I was at the Warrens Cranberry Festival last weekend and purchased the Protect Lotion and a bar of the Cranberry Soap. After using the products for one week – I think they are great. I agree with the comments about how wonderful the soap takes make-up off your face leaving it feeling very clean and smooth. I also love the lotion. It smells wonderful and does seem to last a lot longer than other lotions even after I wash my hands. I will continue to use these products on a regular basis and thank you for making such a wonderful new product. Good luck and I wish your company the best!"

Saukville, Wisconsin

"Just a quick note to let you know all of our family and friends cannot believe what the cranberry lotion has done for Larry’s hands!! What an overall improvement. Something that finally can both control and heal palms of his hands. It is like a miracle. As for the grape oil combo in the jar….well…. it is actually penetrating long established calluses and deep deep cracks and keeping the eczema at bay on the bottoms of his feet. He actually feels human again. What a hunt for 12 months trying a different array of items, none ever hardly even scratching the surface. Our many thanks to you for both the lotion and the crème. There is no way he will be without his cranberry lotion. How do we order more??"

Mendota Heights, Minnesota

"I discovered you at the Warrens Festival – absolutely LOVE your product! I might be your best salesman in Duluth!"

Duluth, Minnesota

From hand eczema (St. Paul, MN) to persistent itchy skin (Harrisburg, PA), our customers have reaped the value our therapeutic lotions for their toughest skin problems.

Our oils exhibit astounding therapeutic properties, and best of all, they come from a natural source. Because the source is natural, you will never see fruit oils in prescription form, even though it has potential for widespread benefit for skin problems.

Upper end, all natural skin lotions sell for as much as $30/bottle, and if the lotions are designed to heal or treat problems, $60/bottle is not uncommon. Our company decided to take a more realistic approach. We provide our customers with a high quality skin care product that everyone could afford to use everyday.

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