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Q) What are the benefits of Cranberry oil?

A) Cranberry oil is one of the most unsaturated, and therefore, most moisturizing oils on the market. Cranberry oil also contains very high concentrations of tocotrienol, a very active form of vitamin E that helps its healing power.

Q) How much cranberry oil is in the lotion?

A) We had the oils tested for efficacy and made sure that our Delight lotion had that concentration of oil. We then doubled the active concentration in the Protect, and tripled the active concentration in the Concern. When it comes to protection, more is better.

Q) What scents are in the lotions?
A) The Delight is very lightly scented with Lavander, the Protect is scented with Jasmine. These were the most highly favored scents in our focus groups. The Concern is scented with Rainforest, which is an outdoors scent.

Q) Do you have an unscented line?

A) Customers with highly sensitive skin have asked for an unscented product. Our Skin-Sensitive product line is not yet in retail locations, but we will be more than happy to provide you unscented product by calling us directly at 1-715-886-2020 for availability.

Q) Will your cranberry oil heal eczema?
A) Our eczema crème will be commercially available in the Spring of 2002. Eczema is a complicated skin condition, and can occur for many reasons. We have found that, many of our customers with eczema saw immediate and visible improvement in their skin condition with the use of our eczema creme. As our one customer quoted, "Since my husband started using your creme, his hand eczema has nearly disappeared. He looks human again." We have had great success with childhood as well as adult cases of eczema.

Q) Where do we get cranberry oil from?

A) We naturally recover the oil from whole cranberry fruit without the use of chemicals, solvents, or heat. This is true oil, and not a distilled essential oil.

Q) What other oils do you produce?
A) We have recovered oil from the fruits of many plants including strawberry, grape, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry, and others.

Q) Where are the products manufactured?

A) All our oil recovery and production packaging occurs in a little town situated in the middle of cranberry country, Nekoosa Wisconsin.

Q) Will other products soon be available?

A) Our company is founded in research and development. We have many new and exciting skin care products, and after each new product passes the rigorous tests, it will be made available to the public. If you have a particular need, please let me know and we’ll make sure to incorporate it into our R&D department.

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