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The story of Fruit Oil Therapeutics originated in 1992 with the discovery of cranberry oil. A process engineer in central Wisconsin was researching juicing operations when he happened to discover the presence of a small amount of oil in the fruit. In most juicing operations, the oils are destroyed during manufacturing. He was intrigued by the quality of the oil, and spent the next few years testing and learning how to naturally extract, concentrate, and utilize this unique oil. The analytical and clinical information gathered from cranberry oil indicated that it was a powerful therapeutic oil for use in cosmetic and skin care products. Friends and family mixed the oil into their lotions and crémes, and just loved the feel and therapeutic response from their skin. In April 2000, the first skin care products containing cranberry oil were manufactured and placed on the market. Research progressed rapidly on many new oils, and their use in the skin care industry.To date, our company has recovered oils from fruits around the world.

Today a 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility stands in the center of cranberry country. Our company now recovers oil from fruit such as cranberry, strawberry, grape, raspberry, elderberry, pumpkin, rose hips, and blueberries. As analytical and clinical research discoveries are made on the therapeutic benefits of each oil, they are added to the Fruit Oil Therapeutics Skin Care product line. We invite you to learn more about our therapeutic oils, feel the natural quality of our soaps, lotions, and crémes, and feed your skin with the only true oil that comes from fruit.

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